About us

Our Philosophy

  • We always ensure a hygienic and safe environment and we use non-toxic chemical products so that the air is always fresh in the salon.
  • We focus on our customers’ enjoyment, happiness and satisfaction.
  • We respond to all of our customers’ enquiries.
  • We treat all of our customers with courtesy and respect.
  • We constantly update and create new and beautiful designs for our customers.
Beauty salon artist selecting appropriate beauty product

Why choose New York Spa & Nails

We strive to ensure that all of our customers who come into our salon are satisfied with our professional service and quality.

We prioritise on having a safe and hygienic environment for customers to be in. We ensure this by sterilising our equipment after each use and sanitising the equipment in separate sealed bags where they are then ready to be used again.

We use high quality products 100% made in the USA such as OPI nails polish colour and varied range of Shellac colours like GEL II, DNA Gel, GEL B, and Changing Re-action GEL.

We choose to use these high quality non-toxic chemical products to keep the air in the salon fresh at all times, keeping our valued customers happy.

Our Team

New York Spa & Nails team member Meri - Admin and Nail Artist


Admin and Nail Artist

Dear All,

‘ Xin Chao!’

I am proud to be part of New York Spa and Nails Team.

I love my job because I get to see your happy expressions from getting your nails done and hearing your positive remarks.

I constantly do research to update new products and services into our salon to provide only the best for you.

As a Massage Therapist I will help you relax during your pedicure and manicure along with our massage chairs.

I would love to pamper all of our friendly customers and listen to everyone’s feedback, At the same time providing ideas to make your nails look the best they can be.

Your satisfaction is my happiness!! Thank you for supporting New York Spa and Nails team.

New York Spa & Nails team member Thara - Nail Artist


Nail Artist

Hi everyone,

As a Nail Artist, I feel lucky that I have the privilege to be working full time at New York Spa and Nails Salon, where all my lovely clients frequent for my services.

I love designing your nails to look the best. Thank you for all your love and trust in my services.

I love researching new designs to better myself, I am really passionate in my career and will always strive to deliver the highest of quality even for challenging tasks.

I’ll try my best to make you to feel happy and content ready for your next visit at my salon.

Once again, Thank you for your supporting me as well as New York Spa and Nails team.

New York Spa & Nails team member Jessica - Nail Artist


Nail Artist

My name is Jessica, I had the privilege to become a team member of New York Spa and Nails. I am very passionate in my career as I love all kind of manicure work that make your nails look nice and pretty.

I am a reserved person but I do pay attention to every little details to make your nails the best.

Thank you for supporting for our team: New York Spa and Nails team